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My students have written:

"Elissa is an *awesome* teacher. It's a real whoop-de-do of a dizzy-making experience to find out that you've been walking around, all your life, with this versatile musical instrument you never knew you had."

"Elissa has given me the tools and the confidence to believe that someday, in the not too distant future, I'll be able to sing my songs well in public. Elissa patiently guides me toward an exquisite musical path. Whenever I veer off the path, she gently guides me right back on. Were it not for Elissa's patience and brilliant teaching techniques, I would have given up on the musical parts of myself a long time ago."

"[She is] a wonderful, patient, sensitive teacher, who made everyone feel more confident in their abilities."

"I benefited from interaction with the other students.  [The class was] small enough for lots of personal attention, but large enough for good interaction."

"Because of your singing class, I can now sing along with my Joni Mitchell albums and sound pretty good doing it."

"You made a believer out of me..."

"Thanks for a fun and educational experience.  You really took the anxiety out and relaxed the atmosphere."

"Singing with Elissa is a special treat all its own."

"Fun and informative…"

"I'm just writing to let you know I really enjoyed the singing classes you taught at Makor. It was as you described it; a safe comfortable space for people to learn techniques and aspects of singing. The different exercises you taught us, styles of music, etc., were fun, interesting and helpful. I liked how you gave specific feedback to individuals and had them sing again using the techniques. Thank you for the wonderful classes!"

"I think you are a wonderful teacher.  I have been trained as a teacher myself, but it was wonderful to watch you handle a class of students of very diverse ages, backgrounds, voice ranges, and vocal abilities, and bring them all together through song and by making them feel more confident."

"I wanted to thank you again. I love singing and my parents always insulted my voice. Your class did a lot to boost my comfort and confidence about singing!"

"You are a great teacher. Your enthusiam/ebullience is wonderful."