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What happens in a voice lesson?

Private lessons:

I will lead you in warm-up exercises, starting with vowels only. We will also work on proper breathing, posture, and relaxation. After you are warmed up, we will work on a song. You can choose a song that you like, or I can assign something for you to learn. You don't have to know how to read music.

Beginning group workshop:

I lead a guided meditation to relax the body and prepare to sing. The meditation also begins the vocal warm-up. We continue the vocal warm-up, singing scales on vowels, and working on proper breathing and posture. After the warm-up, we work on a different topic each week. The focus of the class can change, depending on the needs of the students. There are no prerequisites for the basic class.

Week 1: Basic tools for singing
Week 2: Singing with others
Week 3: Rhythm Week
Week 4: Singing the blues
Week 5: Chant, and the joy of singing
Week 6: Improvisation and freedom